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about us

We are a flexible and versatile small technical Company

Our expertise is in advanced technologies applied mainly to the steel and aluminium making activities.Our solutions find their natural application in the online data management on existing equipment in the hot and cold metals areas, mainly on steel and aluminium. Our expertise comes from decades of unbroken experience in metal making activities, and we have at disposal ready-to-go solutions for a large variety of process and variables (thickness, speed, vibration, density, temperature, chemical composition).

Since 1996

Main technical partner of the former ITA Group

Since 2000

Shareholder and technical key partner of the Global Gauge Corporation

Since 2005

Cooperates on a regular bases with ATS Engineering and STS

our milestones

Where we started

LGE primary activity was helping Partners and Customers to find solutions in process quality optimization matters. Established in 1996 in Genoa, began as a purely technical engineering group to supports the existing Industries in the transition between the era of analog and digital.

GGC foundation

GGC, LGE, EMI and ITA participate to the foundation of the GGC Group. The ancestors of our measuring systems are rooted in the 50's when a Company began, unique in the world for its time, as manufacturer of no contact measurement systems for steel flat products. After a while, this Company became a well-established global reality by providing systems in many different parts of the world, wherever there was a need for a reliable control during production or over the finished product. Some of these systems are installed and still working today, many have been updated over the time, others for their beauty and complexity were exposed or kept as museum pieces.

Our development

First full digital system developed.The first totally digital system, with advanced automatic gauge control has been developed by LGE.

20th anniversary

LGE's 20th anniversary, celebrating with a full range of solutions PC, PLC and PAC based systems ready for the industry 4.0.

Why us?

our advanced automated solutions will help to improve your product's quality

  • Online data acquisition
  • Online data cross-referencing
  • Offline and post process data analysis

  • The SGC performs the real time identification of a possible unusual data and identify the relationships between variables which may have been caused and evaluate the impact on the overall process result. Our SGC solution (gathering high speed data from sensors), is capable to discover groups or "families" in some way or another "similar" to each other, generalizing known structure to forecast following process presets in order to minimize unwanted behaviors due to known errors. Post process data visualization and report generation are available to be evaluated off-line generating statistical analysis. Our solutions are capable to cross referencing, automatically via software, several variables, such as line speed, stands vibration, material temperature, product thickness, coating thickness, edge drop, crown, wedge, chemical composition and steel grade.

    useful info

    • our mission

      is to be your preferred partner for industrial measurements. Our know-how comes from 20+years of unbroken experience in the field. During the years, an increasing number of Customers feels the need to update their outdated systems, adding modern features to already installed hardware, entrusting this task to us.

    • our core value

      is to help our Customers to produce better, faster and cheaper, by helping them to identify the possible process bottle-necks.Our solutions are capable of cross-checking, comparing and providing predictive suggestions to obtain the best possible final product .

    • our commitment to innovation

      we will consistently deliver the most advanced, accurate and reliable control systems to material producers and processors through-out the world.


    We offer solutions, not "a stand alone system".

    We don't simply supply a measurement system, we offer far more of that. We propose a complete data management systems at the same cost of a measuring system,which is capable to compare data from online measurement of several variables, such as speed, vibration, temperature, alloy, thickness and density on flat products, directly during the process.

    We are happy to customize our solutions following Customer's advices.

    If we achieved our actual level of excellence, we have to thanks our long time Customers for their patience and advices. Working side by side to confront everyday production challenges on different process lines, we were able to technically grow up.

    clients say

    After 30 years of experience in steel plant automation, I was positively impressed by the linearity and simplicity of the nGauge system. It was fully functional and working in just three days included the upper level communication (Ethernet). Since then the mill is working in close loop AGC without any issue.

    George, Automation Engineer

    Maintenance side of the software is very intuitive and easy to use. I use an Ipad to browse it, collect data and view reports. It definitely saves maintenance operator's time.

    Andrea, Maintenance Personnel

    We already have 5 systems in our plant and we can finally have a thickness quality tracking for the coil identified by the COIL ID starting from hot mill, to tandem, to pickling, to finishing lines. We are going to complete the thread with 2 new systems next year.

    Serjey, Quality Manager