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Steel and non ferrous materials

Measurement, process control and Industrial Software systems for hot and cold steel making activities

and special alloys

Online thickness measurement and control systems from thick strips rolling to thin foil

Plastic, ceramics and rubbers

Thickness, density and continuity measurement on plastic thick and thin films

Steel and metals

The long experience in non-contact measurements in the steel and metallurgical field gained over the years has allowed us to develop extremely reliable and performing systems that can make the difference. All our modern systems are the natural consequence of their predecessors. Since the early 90's, when as first in the market, we introduced open systems projected into the future. The keys were user-friendly user interface based on early versions of Windows and Linux operating systems: our mission has been to continue to develop easy to use systems. Their linear architecture, made up mostly of parts that are easily available on the market with software that are simple to understand for both users and maintainers. Our sensors have always been the strength of our systems, for robustness and reliability combined to the digital technologies today available. The actual systems retain all the characteristics of the previous models, and they have been improved in terms of digital signal management and data exchange with sensors and peripherals. The main features of our systems are certainly the high reliability, very low maintenance and extreme ease of use and installation, mainly due to the minimization of wiring and interconnections. Each system is equipped with modern software tools that allow all the advanced features possible to date.

We have dedicated ready solutions for online and non-contact measurement on:
  • Plate mills and casting lines
  • Hot rolling mills
  • Hot strip mills
  • Tandem e reversing mills
  • Z-mills
  • Metal ribbon
  • Slitting / cut to length
  • Pickling / recoiling / skin-pass
  • Electrolytic tinning line
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Aluminium and alloys

We offer advanced solutions for thickness measurement and control on aluminum production lines such as rolling mills, casters and cold reworking. An accurate and reliable online thickness information is extremely important to certify the product as well as to verify the proper functioning of the process line. Depending on the production requirement, we are able to provide systems that respond to operational needs, starting from simple single point control solutions, up to complex systems that they reconstruct the thickness trend of the transverse profile of the strip, using different types of scan and number of detection points.

What we provide
  • Longitudinal thickness scanning
  • Transverse thickness scanning
  • Longitudinal and transverse thickness scanning with single detection
  • Longitudinal and transverse thickness scanning with multiple detection
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Crown, wedge and edge drop evaluation
An effective analysis of the fall values of the edge thickness, of the crown and of the wedge, as well as certifying the conformity of the product with the required characteristics, allows to establish any anomalies in the process, one of all the crowning of the cylinder.

Ceramics, plastics and rubbers

We develop optimized systems for density and thickness measurement applications on discrete parts and flat products in general (sheets, strips) of non-ferrous materials for the tolerance control and laboratory systems for advanced non-destructive testing.

We measure, without contact and with very high accuracy, density and thickness of:
  • Plastics
  • Ceramic
  • Rubber
  • Kevlar and composite materials
  • Glass

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