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Time critical softwares

We develop our software in-house, with latest industrial standards, using real time kernel and time critical OS for device control.

Scada and HMI

Our Hmi and Scada are linear and user friendly. Each design is the result of years of applications in the industrial field.

Quality data management

We provide a wide range of solution to provide the quality data storage and data managment for over a decade for a 24/7 activity.

Mobile, app and cloud

Mobile, web based, cloud and portable software based on the latest technologies and SDK.

Communication Protocols

We develop and harmonize digital and analog communication protocols between systems with different characteristics, ages and functions.

Predictive maintenance tools

We are able to integrate intelligent maintenance forecasting systems on different types of systems, even older ones.

Remote Diagnostic

We use the most modern tools for remote diagnostics management, even in the cloud.