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From numbers to performances, through knowledge.

Accurate, fast and reliable data output as input reference for operators and the automation of the process.Our systems are the ideal solution as input for process optimization as well as automatic gauge control.

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thickness and process quality control

A stand-alone thickness control does not automatically leads to an effective quality control. Discover more on our advanced automatic gauge control optimization program.

We can help in the follwing tasks:

  • Effective online data acquisition

  • Cross reference information

  • Post process data analysis

Online data acquisition

The advanced automatic gauge control solution performs the real time acquisition of thickness data together with the identification of a possible 'unusual' data and identify the relationships between variables which may have been caused the difformity evaluating the impact on the overall process result.

Online data cross reference

The advanced automatic gauge control solution, gathering high speed data from the field while measuring, is capable to discover groups or "families" in some way or another "similar" to each other, generalizing known structure to forecast following process presets in order to minimize unwanted behaviors due to known errors.

Offline and post process data analysis

Post process data visualization and report generation are available to be evaluated off-line, generating statistical analysis and defining "rules" for following process setup.

Integrated predictive software

Thickness consistency during the manufacturing process on a flat product has a great impact on final material's properties. Thickness control quality is directly proportional to final product's quality, but there are much more variable involved into the process. Measure a variable is not enough to control your final product's quality, if this variable is not cross referenced with others.

Ready to go models


Digital, PAC design and web based software. Ideal for AGC system input.


Digital, PC design and modular IOs. Ideal for finishing lines.

Digital Perfecta

Reliable, PLC design and proven hardware. Ideal for AGC system input.


Wedb base, user friendly welding inspection software