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Smart solutions for a better, faster and more effective production

Best-in-class, modern and reliable systems to measure thickness, thickness profile, edges drop and density. Full digital, hard real time, online and no contact. Check out our ready to use solutions to improve your product's quality.

Measurement Systems

Everything starts with the identification of the aspect to be optimized. We can help to improve the production process, under several technical aspects. One aspect is the process automation and the process control systems.

Process optimization

Our automated systems find their natural application on process and finishing lines. Traking, positioning, welding or defect detection are just an example of possible application. We develop PLC's, PCs or micro controller based application.

Automation & Software

Our systems can be also used offline as NDT equipments or test devices for quality laboratories or as safety detection systems. Due to our flexible structure, we are capable to develop custom proptotypes to simplify specific production issues.

NDT & Safety Equipments