Process control for the digital era

We develop and integrate hard real-time process control equipments and applications to measure thickness, width, speed, position, density and several process variables into industrial harsh environment such as steel and aluminium making factories.

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  • Effective measurements with hard real-time kernels

    Our systems represent the perfect solution to control process variables, such as thickness, speed and density online and no-contact using first class sensors and electronics. Each system is capable to provide a reliable hard real-time output in any industrial condition.


    The best product requires best control systems

    Our standard solutions include a large variety of possibilities, mainly depending by the application. PC based, MicroPC based, PLC based or embedded solutions are available. Each system is equipped with smart units, digital and capable to provide an hard-real time output.


    We are a modern engineering company

    LGE was established in Genova (Italy) in 1996. Our technical know-how comes from the process knowledge acquired during more than 18 years of unbroken experience in design, manufacturing, engineering, installing, starting up and maintaining industrial automation and control systems. We entirely develop our control systems in house, both in hardware and software. Even we are a relatively young company, we are used to say about us we are "standing on the shoulders of giants".



    LGE is a leading company in the process optimization. Everything starts with the identification of the aspect to be optimized. We can help to improve the production process, under several technical aspects. One aspect is the process automation and the process control systems. We offer the best available and low cost solution to measure and control process variables such as the product thickness, as well as other variables like the width, the speed and the position, online and no contact, directly during process using sensors equipped with most advanced technologies and on-board intelligence. Our systems find their natural application into the metals, paper, rubber and plastic industries installed directly on the process lines. The total integration of our control systems, sharing information between them and to the outside, is the first step to optimize your process. Additionally LGE is leader in supplying additives and in general goods of different nature (i.e. chemical products) to be used on the existing process lines to maximize the final results. Depending by the target, LGE may provide custom solutions for specific process needs becoming an effective technical partner at your side.

    After a long time experience aquired in servicing and supporting third parties thickness measurements equipments, by the former ITA Company, all over the world, LGE develops its own smart sensors providing the best in class digital system in the market. We are proud to be a step beyond in the thickness measurement systems. Compare our technology, inspect our products and choose one of our systems.


    Feel free to contact us for a quote or to receive commercial or technical info on our latest products. As a flexible and modern technical Company, we offer up-to-date and reliable solutions for a large number of industrial process needs.

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