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Process controlin critical environment

We are specialists in industrial process control and measurement systems, especially in industrial harsh environment. We measure several process variables such as thickness, width, distance, position, flatness and defects directly during the process, online and no contact, and we manage the gathered data to improve the overall process performances. Our final goal is the process optimization.

Standing on giant's shoulders

We carry on the gauging tradition since over half a century, combining the most modern technologies to a solid process knowledge background.

At your side

Born as aside technical partner of the largest world industrial Companies, mostly in the metals making activities, nowadays, we offer high quality products and services to fullfill our Customer's industrial needs

For over twenty-five years we have been providing innovative solutions to help our Customers produce better, more and in less time and to have their process in full control.
Online measurements

Online process control

Quality Data Management

From custom to standard solutions

Our strong technical vocation has pushed us over the years to accept increasingly demanding technical challenges as requested by our customers. Many of our customers, with a very wide knowledge of the specific process, have asked us questions aimed at solving daily production problems. A good part of the answers that we have been able to provide to our customers have become standard solutions for us.

Your systems, everywhere.

Use our cloud based and mobile apps to safely access your system's encrypted data from any trusted and permitted location

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Aluminum caster continous thickness profile scanner

Continuous centerline thickness with AGC on a hot steel plate mill

Continuous centerline thickness with AGC on 5 Stands Tandem Mill

Reversing frame for finishing Lines