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Industrial software

We offer a comprehensive 360-degree solution for every need for online, non-contact thickness measurement on process, rework and finishing lines.

Radiometric services

We are able to provide technical support for radiometric services ranging from handling to paperwork

Faseability studies

Through an in-depth study of the process and following your directives, we can offer innovative solutions for solving problems related to particular processing needs

Trading activities

We research and market the best products available on the market and are able to offer compatible spare parts for parts that are not available or no longer in production

Additives, oils and lubricants

We have a network of partners and suppliers specialized in the production of auxiliaries and consumables for process lines

Spare parts and consumables

We find alternatives to obsolete spare parts or suggest improvement upgrades for your production

Do you need to update your obsolete system with new hardware and software?

Buy new

  • Unparalled perfomances
  • State of the art technology
  • Digital sensors
  • Modern capabilities
  • Extended warranty


  • Update sensors
  • Upgrade softwares
  • Add new protocols
  • Add new features
  • Extend parts availability

Do you need to update?


In modern industry, obsolete systems constitute an impediment to carrying out normally the daily activities and a risk for the personnel assigned to use them. The limited possibilities of interfacing, outdated protocols and spare parts availability increasingly slowing down, would make obsolete equipment a source of uncertainty that cannot be relied on. Down times and average times between two failures on obsolete systems become dramatically important, and, especially in closed systems, the difficulties in obtaining an effective technical maintenance service are increasing over time, as the skills are going down. People in charge to maintain old equipment are disappearing, and system's manufacturers are mostly concentrated on new systems and modern technologies, leaving old systems unsupported. In addition to the potential and reduced reliability, the problem of non-compliance with the technical prescriptions that make them often also occurs safe in their use. We propose update campaigns that allow the user to reuse the functional parts, such as carpentry still in a good state of conservation, interconnections and mechanical parts that allow to perform a complete update of the systems with significant savings on cost on intervention and downtime. Upgrade kits are available for industrial equipment of different years and different manufacturers, which mainly concern:

Update ready to use solutions for:

  • Non-contact thickness measurement
  • Measurement of coating weight
  • Density measurement
  • Width measurement
  • Automatic cut control
  • Cut optimization

We specialize in updating obsolete, out of production, out of standard or simply very dated thickness, profile, coating weight gauges of the following suppliers:

Revamping kits for obsolete equipments from:

  • DMC / Thermo Fisher
  • Accuray / IRM / NDC
  • Loral
  • Measuray / KMI
  • ESC Resources
  • Many more!

We generally update systems containing obsolete PC or PLC components, electronic cabinets and other critical system components, allowing our customers to keep a good part of the carpentries still in good conditions in order to save on installation costs and downtime.